Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

I. Prognose: NEO-DOSSER

Let me introduce:
The DOSSER-Style

It is very difficult to resist: dyed hair. I love it. It looks so trashy and cheap and kitchy!
And trashy and cheap and kitchy are the characteristic words for anti-decadence.
I plan to dye my hair primary in autumn because now I still plan to let my hair grow long and all dosser-esque.

Here you can see a phenomen which is really fantastic: the coming-out of plastic grocery bags as everyday-utensil. I plan to produce some high-quality plastic bags (like Jil Sander did for S/S 2011) this year. I hope I'll find some useful material.
every sort of hat, cap, turban, bonnet, headscarf, bow, hair decoration, alice band, just everything you can pull over your head.

One of my big 2011-Clothing-Dreams is to finally get to wear a kilt or some other sort of skirt. I really really love this idea of changing sex roles in fashion. People never had some grave problem with women wearing men's clothes, well in contrary, everyone (even including me) finds it very sexy. So pleas let men wear some feminine stuff, let us show our hairy legs, let us be sexy too.
I really appreciate it, thank you.

Here you can see real unspectalcular normal fashion,
the girl: die-hard sincere hippy,
the boy: lovely world-of-warcraft-24/7-nerd.
Good Examples!

Oh Lord, this reminds me of my uncle, beck then when we moved here, to Germany. He thought he was so cool (and still does so) with his ugly denim-wear, his chunky pumps and always open chemises or shirts stuffed inside his pants. Yeah and always biking then. I really love it to look at old pix, me sitting in the pram and them looking so young and bad. I love it.

This one is also interesting. Some kind of disorder, two worlds melting into one. I think the match of archaic oriental clothing which looks fresh and reminds me of juicy oases in a grey dirty city, it spices up the suburbs. Looks a bit like a rebel, an outcast who hates those old aristocratic suburb-money-families.

plushy, fluffy, grizzly, fuzzy, cheesy, slutty, girly, jolly, tweedy, cuddly, bitchy, sleepy.

Slef cutted pieces look so exciting, really sexy.
Cut everything: shirts, skirts, trousers, gloves, hairs, jest everything.
It is very rough and strong and gives it a homemade touch.

Sizes are a fun thing to play with.
(sizes, well other sizes, well that too, but we're talking about clothes...)
I think here you can see very nicely how different sizes match each other. This extra large chemise with that shirt which isn't big as the chemise. Or the short slim leggings and the breezy pants. Grabbing inside the wardrobe and dress up accidently. Well one can plan it, but it looks all coincidental. Like a hobo who does not care about his clothes and looks all casual.

I beg you:
Men please be Men!!!
This year we are dosser, so we aren't able to cultivate ourselves.
Forget about shaving.
Return to nature.

I think the fact that this foto was taken by THE SARTORIALIST speaks for itself.

I adore this picture. It is so 90`s grungy. The long hair, the prosaic domestical surrounding, this shirt. Ah pure grunge pleasure.

This is the last Neo-Dosser characteristic. We love to provoke all of those bougeois squares by wearing grungy and dirty clothes with expensive-looking pompous accessory. It feels like: we are all poor but we still are at least on the same level as you, with all your money and decadence , or even better. YEAH!

So 2011 will be a very interesting year, full of NEO-DOSSERS and ..... (imagine fanfare): RURAL-GOTHS, I'll present tomorrow.

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