Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Passion for Fashion!

No Streetfashion and Blogfashion as you knew it! Imediately. Tomorrow Ya'll see the change!

Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Poetische Anlehnung: Liebesgedicht/poetical imitation: love poem

Ich sterbe vor Langeweile
ohne meinen Sinn
zur Aufregung
- ohne dich.
Die Poesie ist nur
für dich
geboren worden
um mit schönen Worten
dein Antlitz zu beschreiben
und dein
erstrahlt heller als jedes
Leuchten überall
und ersetzt mir
meine Sonne.

- Ach könnt' bloß ich mich
in deinen warmen Strahlen
baden! -

I die of boredom
without my sense
of excitement
- without you.
The Poetry is only
been born for
to describe your face
with pretty words
and your
is sending out rays which are brighter as
any shine all-around
and is substituting
my sun.

- Alas! If only I could
in your warming rays! -

München/Munich 19/01/2010
It does sound very nice in English too, doesn't it? I really like it in English, mybe I'll make a song out of it. Beautiful Picture by Saga from The Neverending Story.

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Who's that Girl?



She's my fav'!
First pic by a woman called Robyn
Second + Third Pic by a man called Styleclicker.
Last pic by a boy who's my other fav'!

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

WAS ist die Szene?/WHAT is the scene?

EINE Band Idioten!/ONE bunch of idiots!

Viva la Individuality! EN AVANT: DADA!

Montag, 22. Februar 2010

And THIS is your Present!

BiK thanX to Car-OH! from my SKool. Me hopeZ Ya read DiZ!

I love the wardrobes of grandma's! A friend from school (Caro is her name) told me yesterday, she was rummaging through her granny's wardrobe and she found this piece (woollen cardigan). Her granny wanted to throw it away but Caro wrote me on facebook (yes, I hate it [facebook] too but however), she had something in mind what I would like. So she brought it today to school and first I was like okay, it looks nice, I'll keep it, but now I'm utterly going BANANAZ! about it. I love it, and with the safety pins instead of buttons (I pimped it a bit up, eg with the Brontosaurus-brooch) it looks really cool and fits my current mood and style and feeling very much. And now I want to wear it tomorrow for school too, but originally I had planned something different. We'll see. Maybe the weather allows it. Today we had very nice weather. You could barely see the sun, but it was warmer as any other day this year and it was very nice to walk around without all-body-coverage. I really enjoyed it. And naturally I wish for more weather like this the following days.
So my nice UFO-Blog is one year old. And I really didn't reach anything in particular. I wish some more people would read/watch and appreciate the shit I post and feed (me?) back! Nonetheless I heard some people saying they were checking my blog these last days, people from whom I didn't expect something like dad. And dad made me very happy (ambiguous)! So I'll keep trying and giving my best and sacrifice my time for this shitZZZZZZZ!

Happy FIRST B-DAY my lovely Flying Saucer!

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010




The Sartorialist

Vanessa Jackmann
Me likes dark-skinned women. Me likes more dark-skinned women with short hair. Me likes that very much.