Samstag, 20. November 2010

The First Scholar Boy

For this I was inspired by a book of a children's story which I bought for only 1 € in a 1-€-Shop. The illustrations are all collages which have some kind of childish style, painted with different kind of pencils, not painted laminary, they just look rough and fresh, kinda if they were born some seconds ago, made out of an impuls. So I tried it for the first boy I photographed for my streetstyle-collage-project. The background sheet is the scribbling paper of mondays art exam, which went unexpectedly nutty.... However, I like this unfinished-style and it reminds me of harsh but lovely grunge style of the 90's !!!!
I'm experimenting with a lot of different collagestyles, the next ones will come very soon!
Good Bye!

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