Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

FLM - Hot Chip - Made in the Dark - Stereogum

download here from stereogum
Today I thought about doing the blog in English. It wouldn't be such a bad idea but my English isn't that good (e.g. now I don't know if I should use good or well, AND I dunno about putting a "n" to the "a" if there is another word before it like "bad idea": is it " an bad idea" or only "a bad idea"????? So many questions, no answers...)...
So here I go, my first try in English...
I was wondering about the fact, that some haircuts (like the one I have now) do not match well with several clothing styles. Actually I wanted to look romantic, a mix-up of kitsch with a bit of glam and a bit of hippie-air, but my short hairs are a little disturbing fact. Curls would go better with the whole outfit and the x-tra large dress shirt (pictures here) is making my head look tiny too...
Whatever, in two or three months my hair will be long and curly again, they grow like muffins in the oven!
I hope you liked my little bit of English, God (and holy Mariah Carey) save the Queen Eböböböth)!

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