Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

FLM after a long time...

Hot Chip - Take it in (from the new album one life stand)
click here!
+(PLUS) I'm discovering a lot of other/new/forgotten facets of myself and my style in these last days. Last week I pretended to be a EMO, then a satanic priest, then a little neon-punX and now I'm a hip-hopper (waZZZZZZZZap?????). And it's fun. Today a lot of kidZ (and not-so-kidZ) were very confused by my outfit at school. They were like: Normal trousers (it seems that most ignorant pupils think that wearing baggypants and XXL-pullovers is standard -.-), normal pullover, who's DAD?
If I had a better Cam I would post better pictures of my daily outfits.... I have to save up a little more of cash!
Have FUN with Take it in!
PS: Don't U like the Shoes?

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