Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

True = Blue ???

The lovely Thao, who's the mastermind behind of Wolkenküsser, tagged me. This means, I assume, I have to tell you 10 secrets of mine. Hehe, this will be fun :)
(But afterwards I have to tagg 10 people, but I dunno who!)

1. I really wanted to become one of four level representatives, but I had the same number of votes than another girl and, because I wanted to be a gentleman, I relinquished. But I felt really blue the whole day.

2. I'm really fanatic for doughnuts and puffy muffins these last days. But, that's not really a secret!

3. I (really really) love Hana Monata, Zack & Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place and stuff like that. It's funny. OH and Camp Lazlo, The Fairly OddParents (Cosmo & Wanda) and Drawn Together! But I really don't like watching TV!

4. I'd love to write thousands of poetic love letters, like Frida Kahlo did. But before that I have to find someone for addressing them :)

5. I sometimes like attaching nail varnish on (I really don't know how to say that in correct English) Hehe, today the renter (we are moving house at the moment) asked me if I had nail varnish on, now he thinks I'm a drag queen! What a strange world, innit???

6. I, when I refer to the masculine sexual organ, call it "Pipi". But I don't care! My best friend calls it "Pipi" too, so...

7. Sometimes I buy computergames and don't even play them because often I don't really get the installation -.- (But this is an exception, because I generally don't play computergames...)

8. In the advert breaks of shows like DSDS (German kind of American Idol) I hide in some quiet place of the flat to sing and to prove myself, that I can sing better than some of those stupid participants! That's idiotic I know, but whatever!

9. I dream a lot about the future. Maybe a bit too much!

10. I (actually) am not that happy bunny about actitivties like this tagging-stuff!

Haha, what an effort doing this all in english!

The people I tagg: Ervehea & Lars & Kat & Lea & Isa & Anni
I think most of them don't even know me -.- But it's just for fun! YAY!

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  1. interessant, interessant... ;-)
    ich fürchte meine geheimnisse sind nicht so spannend, da würde wohl überall das gleiche stehen wie bei deinem zweiten punkt: donuts!!!