Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Loving this. Hating that. And so on. Life goes on.

I just found a blog, I dunno who it runs, it seems to be a woman, she once mentioned (in a very funny post about all the people she hates in facebook and how much she hates facebok which I couldn't agree more...) she had a son, so...

The blog's called Godammit, I'm Mad! (And I'm getting madder) and It's real fun! Everything is about how much she hates things and people and celebrities and so on and she really writes in a funny chunky way.

However, the most funny things about the blog are the "Comments for Sea", those are posts about imaginary comments on Jane's [from Sea of Shoe] opulent and rich lifestyle , which seems more like a princess-peach-life than the daily grind of a normal teenager.

Here's one of my favourite posts:
In other news, Sea confided that she didn’t really have a pair of casual flats, so she obtained/acquired a pair of studded Givenchy ballet shoes that are currently available at Barneys for $450. A girl needs flats, right? $450 is really pretty reasonable, when you think about it. It’s a steal, in fact.

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