Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Blogsfashion + Broken

Sartlorialist - Drop - Kingdom of Style

This week I felt very dull, so I have to excuse myself for not being able to look for appropriate blog- and streetfashionpictures.
so sorry.
Currently, I love this blog (look here). It's some scandinavian weirdo who posts a lot of pointless shit and I really LOVE pointless shit. So I thought I'm going to rob a bit of his shit. I mean, I do have a lot of shit too. Blah.
Yesterday (today?) was very very very very FUN, I love you my dearest Q11-Girls, and I love LISAS PRAKTIKUM (I hope she reads this coz nobody but her knows what's about jeje). I'm really thinking about printing that fat sentence on a Tee-Shirt (T-Shirt? Tea-Shirt? Lady-Die-Shirt?).... That would be Snootiness PLUS (+) Toadyism! However it was a really funny night and now I'm broken and my back hurts and my eyes hurt too (because of the smoke, pfuideufel!) and I had to bake Muffins for the farewell party of a really nice mademoiselle-teacher but I hadn't all the ingredients so now they look like shit, and taste like shit and I fell shit too. PLUS (+) I have to paint a composition-sketch (is that Kompositionsskizze?) for the artlesson because we plan to paint huge doughnuts in popartstyle on some huge canvases for the schoolcafeteria. It'll be fun but now I have to think of some ideas!
Made with love trough the super-mairo-warp coz Aikindo kidz!

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