Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Blog + Streetfashion (noch im alten Stil)

Isn't she adorable? Takk Vanessa Jackmann

Les Mads. She looks cool! I want an overall too!

The Japanese! Cool and UNIQUE as ever! Thanks Higher Powers you are there on your island! What would be individuality and fashion without you?

Someone knows who she is? She's SO beautiful! The Sartorialist - Stil in Berlin

Me LOVES Vivienne^^ But I'm too poor for it, but whatever, one can dream!

WOAH! Cool FACE, takk face Hunter!

More Japan! (Drop)
I'm a bit uninspired these last days. I open my wardrobe and I think everything looks old, cheap and crappy! What can I do? I need a new job and lots of money, coz I need lots of clothes! AND I'm very busy with school -and-other-things-ya'll-know-what-affairs. Sorry for the lack of posts.
Ich schiebe die Schuld auf das doofe Wetter!

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