Montag, 8. März 2010

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I wasn't sure about this one. I love the AA-Batwinghoody she's wearing, I have the same but in glitter golden, hihi! But at the end I decided, that I like the combination of colours of this DROP-girl!

It's crazy.
And the right one is from Glamcanyon, Berlin, and I really like the jacket and the layering and that bicycle-brooch!

I think she's new at Les Mads, she's SO beautiful! I love her face and ALL of her styles. She has something "down to earth" and "natural" in my opinion, and that's a thing that most people in fashion world did forget! We are humans, not mannequins or even hat stands!

This looks like the Spanish winter! Can you believe it! I REALLY envy Juan Coco for him being in Spain! We have SNOW here, yes, m*therf*cking SNOW in march! That's so unfair! Where is the justice? Buhuuuuuuu :'(

And on the left we have winter in Milano (shot by Stil in Berlin), I love her shawl, and on the right we have winter in Paris (shot by Vanessa Jackmann), I love her pants!

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