Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Monpti Monpti

Monpti, a German Movie, based on a novel by Helmut Käutner, from 1957. With Romy Schneider (as Anne-Claire) and Horst Buchholz (as Monpti). The easy storyline takes place in Paris. Monpti, who is a poor young Hungarian art student, gets to meet Anne-Claire, who pretends to be a rich girl, but in fact is an orphaned 17-years-old seamstress. They fall in Love but Anne-Claire doesn't want to have sex with him (sure, she's 17 yet, but she tells him she's older, so he's very ambitious) (sometimes I got the impression, that's a movie about trans sexuality, because she's so shy in showing him her mumu) so the story goes on and at the end he discovers all her lies and he thinks she's a prostitute (okay this summary is a bit harsh, so if you want something more serious, go to wikipedia or so...) and slaps her in the face. He gets into a cab and drives away, and she, to fulfill the dramatically idiocy, runs after him and than comes another car and then there is a big crash and in hospital he promises her to marry her later but she dies and everyone is very sad and tears roll around your cheeks. That was the case in my situation.

So the fashion in this movie is very nice. Sure, she's a seamstress so she always wears nice clothing and I really love those 50's looks (okay now I'm just bluffing, because I haven't got the foggiest notion about the looks in the 50's, so pleas correct me and teach me!). However, her nice little dresses are always très chic and she seems to be really en Vogue! Haha!
Here nice silken shawls give her a very childish touch and I really love those many stripes and polka dots. And look at that hypercool semitransparent pink raincoat, it's SO awesome, I'm really in love with it. Some months ago there was a H&M-advertisement for women's clothing, and there was a very very similar raincoat and I was very angry about the fact that only beings with pussy's had the possibility to wear/buy something like that (okay this is just labelling, and that ain't no good).

That ducky is SO sweet, at the end it swims away, while Monpti and Anne-Claire are kissing. He forgot to hold the leash, 'cos they take it with them through the city put on a leash, ain't that cool?
I totally forgot to mention the b-side-story of an other couple, which is really snobby and uncool and, the seem to be really trendy-scene-folks, not that cool at all, but the woman looks always very nice and she drives the car which hit Ann-Claire, so the two stories are linked together.
All the men in this movie look unspectacular (nothing important to mention at all...)
Oh, something special in this movie are the hotel rooms where the main protagonists live. They look so astrocool I was really impressed and I really liked the fact, that at the time where the story plays, poor people had to live in hotel rooms which today are very beloved and would be called "indie"-style. I really would love to live in such a flat with that grungy hotel room style. Here you can see Zaza (played by Olive Moorfiled) the hotel cleaning lady, which strolls around all the time and is summing nice jazz melodies and tries to get into bed with every being who has a pipi. She is really cool and looks nice all the time too.
So, to come to an end, the movie is really worth watching! Although the story is crappy and a bit choppy too you really slip into the Monpti-world and you can't get out of it until the end (just if you have road salt with you, hihi^^) 'cos it's really cheesy and if that isn't an heavy weighted argument, it is a nice love story and the costumes are very beautiful!
Again, thanX ARTE 4 existing, what would I watch without you (hihi I know it, GNTM^^)
As you see, I'm in bloggingmood again, hip hip Hurray hure!


  1. wow, du musst den film ja wirklich lieben! toller post und die outfits scheinen wirklich süß zu sein. dne muss ich mir bald ansehen (und mir mal ein egenes bild über dieses transsexuelle ding machen ;-)) :D

  2. danke :D ich hab mir wirklich mühe gegeben!
    hihi, die arme romy... sie ist natürlich keine transe, auch im film nicht ;)