Mittwoch, 10. März 2010


Why do I love trash so much? Everytime I see something sparkeling on the floor, doesn't matter all the dirt and the dust, I have to pick it up and transform it into something useful. Just like a thievish magpie (>> Diebische Elster <<). And here are some accessory results. Above you can see my newest earring, a bit heavy but I like it anyway.

This one is older. I found it maybe some 6 months ago, or something like that. I really dunno what it is, and every time I wear it at school there is a big guessing game going on. What could it be? What was it for? No one knows it, it's a secret that will never be disclosed!

And this is the newest necklace I did (not the golden one, the trash-object one) (although the golden one I grabbed from the rubbish bin too, 'coz my mum wanted to throw it away! Unbelievable!!!!). My best friend says that my trash necklaces remind him of art-professors, those middle-aged stubborn people, who always carry objects with them. I like this analogy, 'coz I wanted to become art-teacher too ;) Not anymore. However, I really like the trashy look of my DIY-Necklaces. It looks modern, futuristic, metallic but unique and stylishly too. And in some way (but maybe this is really just my point of view) a bit organic too. Maybe it's the unusual shape, which distinguish them from other fashion objects and gives them some vitality.
Here are some pictures I found on other blogs, I want to do something with can-stay-tabs too. (Unglaublich wie viel es bei wikipedia über Dosen auf deutsch und englisch gibt, hallo???? Wer hat denn SO viel Zeit???)

And I had my English book presentation today. I was just horrible! Really. I don't want to mention any details, but I hope I'll get some 7 points (hopefully :S) And now I have to lear vocabulary for an other English test tomorrow. Sometimes I hate learning :(

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